5 Florida Gulf Aquariums near Anna Maria Island .

April 6, 2017 By Tammy DeLosh

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With all of the sea life in the coastal area, many of the local Aquariums are dedicated to rescue and release injured sea creatures. From River Otters, Sea turtles, Rays, Sharks, Manatee, and the fan favorite, the Bottlenose Dolphin, each does their part in the ecosystem. Bring your family to enjoy the colorful and amazing marine life, as well as learn how they live and ways to keep them flourishing. If you have a budding Marine Biologist in the family, these are the places to visit.


South Florida Museum and Aquarium~ Learn about how Manatee co-exists and are coming back from the endangered list, through research, rescue, and rehab. Another perk to the South aquarium is the Museum, and the proximity to the Planetarium. It is a perfect way to explore the Prehistoric Archeology and Cultural History of the Gulf Coast and how it relates to Marine science, even Astronomy when the day needs to be spent indoor.  Located in Bradenton, Florida at 201 10th ST W,  Close to shopping, great dining, and Riverwalk Park.

The Florida Aquarium~Downtown Tampa offers Dolphin tours, dive and swim programs, Events, Private Parties, A splash pad for kids to play and cool off and options for education and camps.  Stroll through the expansive selection of Sealife exhibits. Take in a Dolphin Cruise or be entertained during the daily shows. Get involved with educational camps and so much more. Donate to help injured and endangered Sea Turtles with rehabilitation. Check here for events and location. Complete with dining and shopping on site.

Mote Marine~This Sarasota Aquarium is an independent research facility, comprised of marine scientists, dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans. Education through hands on classes, demonstrations, and exhibits get you up close to marine life and local wildlife. Starting with the newest addition, the Gators of Florida, also Sharks, Sea turtles, otters, and more. Sign up for camp, eco-tours, kayaking, Research charters and other activities that help you experience the mysteries of the deep and how they help us. Did you know that shark studies are helping in the fight of Cancer in Humans? For a list of events click here.    1600 Ken Thompson, Sarasota FL 34236.  

Clearwater Aquarium~ Was founded as a rescue and rehabilitation hospital for sick and injured marine animals. One of their rescues was the Dolphin with an amputated tail fin. “Winter” made famous in the movie ” A Dolphin’s Tale”, is now one of the permanent attractions.  The ever-changing marine life there, each with their own story of rehabilitation, offers a learning experience to all who visit. Be part of the many hands-on programs, like Dolphin Encounter, trainer for a day,  where you and your child can feed and care for river otters, sea turtles and more. Sign up for camp or classes to ensure the next generation is educated to care for the endangered and at-risk wildlife. Learn more about marine life conservation, or donate to the cause.  Future Marine Biologists looking for careers check here.  

The Lowry Park Zoo~ Is a fantastic place to spend the day. On top of amazing animal exhibits, it also hosts a marine hospital for Manatee, rescue, and rehab. When we went last, they were helping 6 rescued sea cows, suffering from hypothermia, injury from boats, and even a mother who delivered her calf in captivity. The Ray habitat allows you to feel and feed these interesting creatures. Also features amphibians, aquarium life, otters and of course gators. If you love the deep as well as the wildlife roaming the earth, then you are in for a wonderful day. Many attractions and educational opportunities await the wildlife lover in you. Located in Tampa,  at 1101 W. Sligh Avenue Tampa, FL 33604

These great opportunities are fantastic day trips, just a short drive from most of our Beachrentals.Mobi Vacation Rental Homes. Let us know how we can help you set up your reservation for a Florida Gulf Coast Experience.



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