5 Ways to entertain children at the beach.

July 15, 2015 By Tammy DeLosh

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Kids love to interact with parents, and many beach activities are ageless. So get together and make a great and memorable play date. Always have plenty of sunscreen, Fresh water, to keep hydrated and bring an umbrella for shade, or rent a Cabana.

Sand Castles and Beach Art

Creativity has no boundaries, so bring anything you have, just make it fun. Most castle making kits can be found at local Dollar stores or the closest Island gift shops. Leftover lunch containers work also. You may choose to just use your hands and imprint or decorate the sides with sticks or shells. Make teams to see who can build the largest, funniest or most creative. Make sea creatures or their favorite animals. Making starfish, octopus, mermaids, even teddy bears, may be more enjoyable. There are no wrong ideas. Plan your holiday near a sand sculpting contest. There are several annual ones to visit.





Bring a mask and snorkel, even fins for hours of water fun. Talk about the Sea Life and Marvel about what was intriguing. Make sure everyone has a swim buddy, to keep an eye on each other. Life jackets are recommended for unexpected current changes. Adults do well to lie over noodles to keep afloat, without tiring. Snorkeling over a boogie board may be easier for younger ones.




Boogie Boards, Paddle boards and Surf Boards

Kids love to ride the waves. On calmer waters, a paddle board may be a better choice. Most beach vacation towns have affordable boogies boards at local gift and surf shops. If you are looking to surf or paddle board, you may consider a local rental company. We recommend if you are on Anna Maria Island, or A to Z rentals in Pinellas county or Sarasota.

Frisbee and Catch

Hours can melt away when you are chasing and throwing a Frisbee. Build their coordination, and get great exercise while bonding with the kids. The newer versions look like cloth rings and most can be picked up at the local Dollar Tree or even Publix has great last minute beach toys. If you like to play catch but don’t coordinate well with the disk, sponge balls are fun and you get that extra splash when you catch one. Refreshing and fun.




Living Sea Urchin.


Sand Dollars that are white are not alive, go ahead and keep them.

The Florida Gulf coast has a variety of shells to choose from. Bay side beaches have shells in the shallow side that you can find while snorkeling. Bring some water friendly bags to put them in and make crafts or use them to decorate when you get home. Monogram their bedroom by putting shells on a Letter cutout from your local craft store. Cover a picture frame and fill it with a photo of them on the beach.


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