About Beachrentals.mobi

Someone asked me recently what our company has to offer that other companies don’t. My immediate reply was “us!” There are plenty of good vacation rental companies out there offering a good product. Only ours, however, has us! Ed and I both approach this business in the same way, with a commitment to building strong relationships. Whether you’re our guest, one of our property owners, or one of our vendors, you’re our FAMILY.

Some time ago I was speaking with a woman who had been working hard to find just the right vacation rental property for her family to enjoy on their upcoming holiday. She told me she felt like she’d called every single company on the island. “Yes,” I said with a wink, “but we’re the nicest!” To my surprise, her response was, “well actually, you are.”

And that’s exactly where we start every relationship…friendly service, whether you book with us or not. We want your vacation experience to be filled with joy right from the start. The only crabs you’ll encounter will be on the beach, NOT in our office!

Even though we’ve been in this business a long time, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that your vacation is important to you. We know there’s nothing in the world that has the same potential for building happy memories!

Both Ed and I have been blessed to take some terrific vacations with our own families. Over the years we’ve had trips to exotic destinations and down-home locales. We’ve had accommodations fit for a king, and others that were nothing short of hideous. We’ve had great weather and we’ve had terrible weather. We’ve been in interesting places, and places that turned out to be not-so-interesting. But what’s the one thing that made the difference between a good vacation and a bad one? Not so much the surroundings, but the friendliness of the people. The people who made us feel at home turned difficult circumstances into adventures, and good vacations into terrific ones!

So that’s our philosophy…turn business relationships into friendships, and make sure our friends feel like family.