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Lowry Park Zoo a Florida Must see

  From the Clearwater to Siesta Key, are some of the best beaches and Island vacation rentals. If you want to add a day trip or two we recommend the Lowry Park Zoo. This park is visually pleasing as well as entertaining. The Pony Parade offers an opportunity to pet a pony, and get a […]

8 Favorite Things to do in Clearwater/Tampa area.

Clearwater and Tampa have several tried and true area activities that add that extra spark to the typical family trip. Save time for the special things that make your trip Unique to your style or entertainment. Clearwater Beach at Pier 90, Offers, a silky sand setting to stroll along the beach, relaxing in the sun, […]

Year in Review: A Look Back at 2018

Last year was truly incredible for BeachRentals.mobi. Through our partnerships with our guests and our property owners, we accomplished some great things. As we wrap up the first month of 2019, let’s take a look back on everything we achieved in 2018. Three Cheers for You, Three Cheers for Us From Ed DeLosh, co-owner of […]

Sea Turtle Nesting on Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island Prides itself on caring for the sea turtle population. Anna Maria Turtle Watch  has coordinated conservation efforts for 12 miles of Manatee County shoreline.  In  three decades, they monitored 7339  turtle activities, protected 4454  nests, 301,694 turtle eggs, and watched 271,680  hatchlings depart to become a future generation of loggerheads that will return […]

Arts and Entertainment on Anna Maria Island

Art lovers must come to Anna Maria Island for inspiration and stay for the same reason. With the galleries and workshops for Enthusiasts, collectors and decorators, you are going to love the all of the opportunities available. Start on Pine Avenue with The J.Lazzara Gallery, located in the Historic Green Village. The shop owner, Joyce Lazzara, is an […]