Easy steps to getting beach ready.

May 31, 2017 By Tammy

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Planning a summer getaway is easier than ever. Choose your destination then let the rest unfold. Florida gulf beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. So if you are preparing  a beach wedding, a romantic retreat, or a family getaway BeachRentals.Mobi has the accommodations to meet your needs, from Clearwater Beach to Siesta Key.

If you are expecting to spend hourless days in the sun, we suggest you book a few sessions at the local tanning salon to get a start on a healthy glow. Invest in skin cream to keep it supple, and help the tan last. Several self tanning creams are also a way to keep your skin young and healthy.Stop by Serenity Beach Spa to get your skin care and book a massage. Make sure the sunscreen has key ingredients to Properly protect from harmful rays.

Finding the right fashion, beach wear and accessories can be done easily with so  much online shopping. From simple summer sandals, coastal jewelry, breathable  fabrics, and swimwear. Remember a big beach bag to toss those necessities in, like, sunglasses,  sunscreen, water bottle, swim goggles and snorkel( in case you want a closer look under the sea). Here are a few places we found, posted on our Pinterest Boards.  Isand shopping is always an option. Come with empty suitcases and fill them up with unique coastal attire. Here are a few  Casual beach shops:  Island Bazaar Bridge Street Bazaar ~ Coastal Surf Shop ~Alvin’s Island.   For Outdoor sports:AMI Outfitters ~ Beach Bums.    More Resort Wear: Mister Roberts~ Irenes

Healthy eating is easy when most of the area Restaurants have vegan and gluten free options. Summer beach markets offer the freshest fruits for simple eating with great benefits. There is no shortage of amazing seafood just trade deep fried for broiled or grilled and add a veggie instead of potato. If you must have Ice cream, just opt for a smaller portion, and take a stroll or bike ride after. A morning stroll to sunrise gets your energy levels up for better burn the rest of the day. Start active, stay active, but make time to relax, that’s why you came to the beach.

Check here for restaurants in your area or download the Welcome App when you make your reservation. They have all of the listings to make your choices easier.

Commit to staying active, the beach has plenty to do to keep in shape. Walking the coastline with the breeze caressing your skin is the easiest way to get your steps in. Treading water, or swimming burn calories without putting strain on joints, just strolling through the surf can be invigorating and refreshing. Biking, trails are everywhere, or stick to the coastline.   Learn more about beach fitness here.


Summer fun on Anna Maria Island, Indian Shores or Indian Rocks, Siesta Key and  Clearwater Beaches. Your Perfect accommodations are waiting. Beach front, or close by, choose from condo, cottages, bungalows or homes at BeachRentals.Mobi. Call toll Free at 1-844-206-6624 an unforgettable  Island Vacation.

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