4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for the Beach

August 8, 2018 By Rachel

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When you think summer, you think of the beach.

When you think of the beach, you think summer.

When you think fall, you think Pumpkin Spice Lattes and seasonal gourds.

But maybe it’s time to think outside of the box. Because the best time to go to the beach? Is definitely the fall. So pack up your decorative gourds and your bikini and take your PSL to the shore!

Oh, you still don’t believe me? Okay, here are four amazing autumnal reasons to book a beach trip for fall.

Better temperatures

In the fall, you get the best of both worlds on Anna Maria Island. September through November, the high falls between 89 F – 79 F. Still hot enough to spend hours laying on the sand, working on your tan or reading a good book.

In the evenings during those months, the lows range from 74 F – 59 F. Imagine: a day spent on the beach, relaxing or fishing or kayaking, and then ending your evening with a glass of wine curled up in a cozy sweater as you watch the sunset.

Or what about night swimming? Several of the pools in our beach rentals are heated: ideal for a fall night swim and hot tubbing!

Less Traffic

The best part of a beach vacation on Anna Maria is how walkable our little island is. But we understand that’s not as desirable during high summer, when everyone and their neighbor has come for vacation.

But in the fall? It’s you and the locals. Walk, bike, or trolley anywhere you want to go and never let traffic interrupt your vacation.

Fewer People

And why is there so much less traffic? Because there are fewer people! That means more for you: more restaurants to choose from without a wait, more fish in the sea and lakes for your reel, more space on the sand to spread out.

A vacation is all about getting away. So doesn’t it make sense to book your trip when you get away from crowds of people?

Save Money

Bottom line: vacationing in the fall is just cheaper – without ever sacrificing the experience. It starts with travel, whether you’re driving or flying. Gasoline is cheaper, and so are airline tickets.

Once you arrive, your stay is cheaper too. With fewer vacationers vying for the same rentals, your vacation home price is lower.


Have I convinced you yet? What’s that? You’re already booking your fall beach vacation? Fantastic! Beach Rentals has a gorgeous selection of rental homes for you to stay in – many of them with those aforementioned heated pool! Check out our Pinterest Boards for area information and activities.  Call today to reserve your stay with Beach Rentals for a perfect beach vacation.  

See you soon!



P.S.: A fall beach vacation means you keep your tan even longer! Who doesn’t want to be beautifully bronzed in the family holiday photos?



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