January is the Best Time to Visit the Florida Gulf Coast (Really!)

January 15, 2019 By Rachel

By Rachel Florida Gulf Beaches No Comments

New Year, New You, New Vacation.

That’s the saying, right? Well, it should be.

I propose a New Year’s Resolution: instead of dieting or going dry or exercising more…do something FUN!

It’s good to have goals, but starting out the year with something boring is a recipe for disaster. Instead, resolve to take life a little less seriously and carpe diem.

If you aren’t convinced, here are my best reasons for a beach vacation on the Florida Gulf Coast in January:

1. The January Blues

We all get them. November and December are a whirlwind of friends, family, good food, presents, parties, and more…then suddenly, on January 1st, reality sets back in.

The days are still short. The office has re-opened. The weather is still cold. And there aren’t even any Christmas lights left to enjoy!

So what’s a beach bum to do? Go to the beach, of course.

Instead of settling back into the same-old-same-old routine, mix it up a bit. You’ve put in some days at the office, now it’s time for another holiday. A holiday that’s all about relaxation.

A January beach trip is just what you need to start the new year right.

2. It’s COLD!

January is just so cold! In fact, a good portion of the country is under snow right now!

A snow day is fun for the first day or two, but once all the snow angels and snowmen have been made, it starts to look a little dreary. All the sidewalks have been shoveled, there’s still ice everywhere, and that beautiful top layer of snow has been trampled on.

So trade your snow hills for sand dunes! The beauty of the sugar sand beaches on Anna Maria Island never fades, and we have sandy beaches all year round.

Plus, it’s WARM! The Florida forecast is sunny skies all-year round.

When the coastal air dares to be a little cool in the evening, many of our properties’ pools can be heated – great for a night swim!

3. Less Traffic and People

Visiting in the less-popular winter months is like having the island all to yourself. You’ll really feel like a local when you realize only locals are out and about!

You’ll have your first choice of endless beachfront every day,

and you’ll never have to wait for a table at your favorite restaurant.

The roads and sidewalks won’t be crowded, and you definitely won’t have any of the noise of more popular times like Spring Break.

4. Travel is Cheaper

Wherever you’re coming from, travel is cheaper in January.

After the holiday craze, gas prices slouch back down to more affordable numbers. That’s great news if you’re driving!

For flyers, years of trends show that January is the cheapest time for air travel. In fact, January 4 – February 15 are some of the best dates to fly, price-wise. That’s perfect for a January trip AND a Valentine’s trip!

5. The Florida Gulf Coast is Open All-Year Round

For many places, maybe even your hometown, January isn’t a big month for events. It seems like everyone and everything is taking a break from the festivities of December.

But not here. There’s so much happening all over Manatee and Sarasota Counties, like the Manatee County Fair and several food festivals!

Check out our recent blog post about local January events. You just can’t say no to all this fun!


If all of these reasons aren’t enough to convince you, here’s one more: why not? You love the beach. You love vacation. So why not go? Life is short, right? Carpe diem!

When you make the decision to say yes to starting the year right on the beach, call and ask us about last-minute reservations for January! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.



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