Anna Maria Island’s Summer Weather Fun.

April 10, 2014 By Tammy

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Gulf Coast Favorites…Summer

Most people are shocked when I tell them that summer is my very favorite season here on Florida’s Gulf Coast! Their minds instantly drift to hot temperatures and humid conditions. And certainly, those things are definitely the very essence of a Florida summer! However, it’s those very elements that make the best things possible. And those best parts are numerous, from activities to enjoy, to spectacular displays of nature seen only at this special time of year.

Lucky for us, summer lasts a long time here, giving me ample opportunity to itemize the best of summer’s best!

When asked to write about one favorite thing that I just love about our island paradise, it’s very hard for me to pick! After all, who can find fault with turquoise waters, white sand, and all the trimmings?


But when I saw this picture, I was reminded that one of my very favorite things in the whole world is a good island storm in the summertime. I grew up on Siesta Key, and have spent a good portion of my adult life in various parts of Florida. Although I’ve loved every place I’ve ever lived, I always knew I’d end up back in Florida. Summer storms are one of the reasons!

I’m no meteorologist, so I don’t really understand the phenomenon. After a bit of research, however, I found a great website for kids that explained things at my level! It seems we have a perfect combination of things here on the Gulf Coast to make us the biggest thunder storm area in the country…warm sunshine to heat things up, and lots of water and sea breezes to cool things down. When they collide…voila! A magnificent summer thunderstorm, Florida style! http://www.floridadisaster best collaboration


Heat lightning puts on a show for hours without rain.

When hot and cool and air and water meet, we can read the signs in the sky, which is where the fun begins. First, a magnificent bank of giant white clouds starts accumulating. They don’t look threatening, just beautiful as they move and grow during the day. Sometimes they stay in the distance, and we on the island can see the full effect as they get dark and then shower some part of the far-away landscape.


Walking the Pier watching the sun come out.

Strolling along the beaches at Anna Maria Island.

The Sun always comes back to Anna Maria Island.









Often, however, we’ll be on the beach, basking in the sunshine and playing in the Gulf. Facing west, we don’t really notice what’s happening over our shoulders…until a bit of cool air surprises us. We look east, which is when we see it…the sky is blacker than we knew a sky could get, and it’s almost on top of us! The cool breezes aren’t so gentle anymore. The sun goes black. No longer turquoise, the water starts looking cranky…it’s time to run for the car!

The excitement of the building storm is great fun. Then there’s the deluge. And then there’s sun! We may get that big storm, but the sun always comes back just a little later. Back to turquoise waters and white sand…but we know the excitement of another storm is just around the corner! Enjoy every part of you r Island adventure when you book a Anna Maria Island Vacation Rental Home.




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