Property Management

Curious about our property management process and philosophy? Read on for a basic outline in loose chronological order.

  1. Insure we are compliant with all state, county, municipal, and association requirements. Long before we took our first property, we made sure we had these things in place:
    1., LLC is registered to do business in the State of Florida, and is current with annual filing requirements per
    2. We have Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation licensing for each district in which we have rental properties. These licenses cost about $1000/year per district, and cover up to 50 properties each.
    3. We’re registered with the Florida Department of Revenue, and we have sales tax licenses for each county in which we do business.
    4. We’re registered with each county in which we do business so we can collect resort tax as required.
    5. When adding a new property, we check with the local municipality to see if it has specific licensing requirements, and take the necessary steps to comply with all such requirements.
    6. When adding a new property governed by an association, we contact the association and/or its management company to get copies of its rules and regulations, applications, etc.
  2. Create your listing on BOTH our website AND our web-based resort management system.
    1. This is so we can easily keep track of booking, payments, tax collection and payment, maintenance issues, vendors, etc. We will also take down extensive details about your property and any quirks it might have, your vendors, etc.
  3. Advertise your property for rent
    1. First, we see if we can purchase the old MLS photos from the Listing Agent. We’d use these photos to show how nice the property is, but advertise with a caveat that the house is being remodeled and completely redecorated.  Guests can book with the assurance of a full refund if they decide they don’t like the looks of the property once we have new photographs to show them.  Needless to say, they won’t cancel once they see what you’ve done, but the promise of a full refund will give them peace of mind when booking.
    2. Then we post your property on appropriate websites, including the MLS (which feeds to all sorts of other websites like Zillow) and the RE/MAX Alliance Group website that goes out to over 300 agents in this area, many of whom will have clients desperate to get down here for the season.
    3. Next, should you decide to make the investment, we will list your property on HomeAway with a global bundle that will publicize its availability all over the world, particularly the US, Canada, and Europe. This costs about $1495/year, and although you can only rent 3 times per year, it might be well worth the money so we can get renters in there during slower times of the year.  Creating the listing is a very time consuming process, which we take care of for you.
    4. Finally, we’ll arrange for professional photography and a virtual tour as quickly as possible after the work is complete, and we’ll update all listings and our website accordingly.
  4. We respond to inquiries. We monitor our email 24/7 to make sure we respond as quickly as possible.
    1. Because inquiries come in from all over the world, the fact that we monitor 24/7, rather than just during EST business hours, means that we’re able to turn many leads into actual bookings.
    2. We work with potential guests by phone and email to answer questions and get them to book.
  5. We book reservations. Once an inquiry turns into a booking, all sorts of details have to be taken care of, including:  
    1. Getting signatures on our 8-page Vacation Rental Agreement
    2. Accepting payment of the guest’s deposit, either with an e-check or by Master Card, Visa, or Discover.  We build in charges to the guest to cover the cost of credit card transactions, rather than billing the owner (as many vacation rental companies do). The deposit is 25% of the base rent, $35 for the administration fee, and approximately $100 for the association application.
    3. Getting signatures on the HOA application and working with the association to insure everything meets with their approval.  We collect the $100 application fee from the guest as part of their reservation deposit, and then we issue a check to the association to attach to the application.
    4. Handling guest questions before arrival.
    5. Accepting payment for the remaining portion of the reservation.  All funds are held in a non-interest-bearing escrow account, as required by Florida law. All state and local taxes are collected from the guest at this time.
  6. We prepare the property for renters.
    1. We work with you to make sure inventory is complete for guest needs. You can take care of all of it yourself, and then have us check to be sure supplies are adequate, or we can finish the process for you if you need our help.  Every owner approaches this differently, and we make ourselves available accordingly.
    2. We arrange for housekeeping prior to guest’s arrival.  If the house has been empty for a while in between guests, we’ll have to have the property cleaned before each guest. This would be billed to you, but the departure cleaning when a guest checks out is paid for by the guest.
    3. We inspect the property to be sure it’s ready for guest arrival.  This includes insuring that cable, Wi Fi, phone, etc are all in working order.
    4. We have a lock box installed for guest keys.
    5. We prepare a guest services notebook filled with information about your property, the club, and the area.
  7. We take care of guest needs while they’re in residence.
    1. We’ll meet the guests after they arrive and make sure they know how to get in touch with us if they need anything during their stay.
    2. We handle all repair/maintenance needs if problems arise, communicating with you, and coordinating with your vendors.
    3. If necessary, we file claims with the company that issues the Security Deposit Protection Policies we require on each reservation.  The guest pays for this policy, which covers them for up to $1500 of accidental damage during the course of their stay.
    4. Of course, we work to rebook the guests for the following year!
  8. We take care of property needs after each guest leaves:
    1. We arrange for the departure cleaning.
    2. We inspect the property.
    3. We pay all collected state and local taxes.  Actually, these are paid in the first month after a guest checks in, regardless of how long they’re staying.
    4. We get ready for the next guest!
  9. To make your financial record-keeping convenient and straightforward:
    1. We pay our owners twice per month, which means that if your guests check in on the 3rd of the month, you’ll have your money somewhere between the 15th and 20th of the same month.  If they check in on the 16th of the month, you’ll have your money between the 1st and 5th of the following month.
    2. We issue an Owner Statement twice per month.
    3. We issue a 1099 at the end of each calendar year, as well as a year-end statement.
    4. As an owner, you can log into our website at any time to obtain copies of past Owner Statements, see future bookings and revenue, and book the property for your own use.

More helpful information:

  • Our fee is 20% of the base rent.
  • We ask that all of our owners keep $500 in their Owner Reserve account, which we use to pay things on your behalf.  It’s also kept in escrow in a non-interest-bearing account.
  • If your property can only be rented three times per year, we ask that you pay a set-up fee of $500 to cover the cost of professional photography and other expenses we incur while preparing your property for rent. Properties that can be rented weekly have a much bigger earning potential for us, so we can afford to absorb the cost of set-up.
  • If you need our help with outfitting the house, buying inventory, etc, (which we are happy to do), we generally charge an hourly fee.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Respectful, timely, professional communication with our owners is our top priority.