Shelling and other beach treasures on your Florida Vacation

March 25, 2017 By Tammy DeLosh

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Island getaways usually have  certain expectations. Lounging at the beach, wind in my face, sand in my toes and refreshing gulf coast waters to cool off. If you are like most, there is time set aside for sea shell collecting. Whether it is to commemorate your adventure, or to use it for decor, most families end up with a few shells in their suitcase. Check out our Pinterest boards for crafting ideas.

Several beaches are known for the great selections of local shells.  Before you venture out to search, know the laws pertaining to keeping the our shellfish flourishing. For guidelines and restrictions Click here. It is always wise to only collect discarded shells and leave the living organisms to grow and keep the ecosystem in balance.

Sand bars and fishing piers have some amazing sea life that you can see from the dock or boat. Just enjoying the starfish meandering the sandy sea floor can be thrilling to most visitors. To find a live sea urchin, crab, shell or sand dollar is is exciting. Take a photo and put it back. There are plenty of coastline shells to scout. No need to take a life for a souvenir when we have so many great shell shops to choose from. This is a collection of shells, we have recovered from the shoreline over the years, and some we found from shell shops.

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1. Sand Dollar    2.Cross barred Venus 3. Coquina Shells found along the sandy shore 4. Ribbed Clam 5. Jingle Shells  6. Jewel box  7. Kitten’s Paw 8.Dried Urchin  9. Horse Conch  10.Purple Cay Clam 11. Sea Cookie  12.Cone Shell  13.Clam  14.Ribbed Clam  15.Olive Shell 16. Fossilized Shark tooth 17. Cockle Shell covered in baby Barnacles 18.  19.Ponderous Ark  20. Beach Fossils  21.Dried Starfish found at a shell shop  22. Scallops are very common to Gulf Coast Beaches  23. Auger  24. Trochus  25. Scotch Bonnet  26.Sharks teeth found on Caspersen Beach in Venice FL.

27. Live Sand Dollar 28. Mating Horseshoe crabs found in the shallow bay waters.  29. Live Urchin found and released at a sand bar off Longboat key  30.Expired Urchin 31.Blue Crab in shallow  bay grasses.   32. Live Fighting Conch giving us a peek.

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There are so many more shells to find at different beaches. For a more Beach Bling and area shells to scavenge and Identify,  click here. Feel free to study the amazing shells that await the Florida Gulf Coast Island from our Pinterest Board on Shells and Treasures of the sea

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