The Sarasota Chalk Festival

March 28, 2019 By Tammy

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This year the Sarasota Chalk Festival’s   “Museum in Motion” is back to the original venue, to the Historic Burns Square, in downtown Sarasota.

Renowned Pavement Artists from all over the world will turn ordinary cement into multidimensional illusions. The intricacies of working on flat surfaces and making a creature jump out of the pavement are amazing. The variety of selection offers something for everyone.

These creative masterpieces take life, right before your eyes. Some of your favorite Icons, sceneries, and historical figures will jump off the pavement, with a  WOW factor like none before.

This cultural event features three days of continuous workmanship, during the day and illuminated lanes of paper votive lanterns by night. Take a romantic stroll with wine tasting, or introduce the next generations to art on a fan-friendly level.






Make sure to have seen all of the finished showpieces by 9 pm Sunday evening as the City requires the art be washed away by 12 am.



This is an experience to remember, so put it on your to-do list for the best Florida Vacation yet.

      Find out more about the festival at

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